Hey there, I'm Vinyas!

MD/PhD Student - University of Toronto

Postgraduate Affiliate - Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Learner Co-Lead - Temerty Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

What I'm all about:

I'm an MD/PhD student at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine and Dalla Lana School of Public Health. As a clinician-scientist in-training, I hope to stand at the confluence of knowledge and expertise between the fields of clinical medicine, digital epidemiology, and emergency preparedness. Upon completing my preclerkship medical training, I've started doctoral studies exploring applications of machine learning in population-level risk prediction and preparedness for global health emergencies. I'm a Doctoral Fellow in the Collaborative Specialization in Global Health and am supervised by Dr. Laura Rosella, Canada Research Chair in Population Health Analytics.

Previously, I was in the Biomedical Computation program in the School of Computing at Queen's University. During my time at Queen's, I conducted translational biomedical engineering research at the Laboratory for Percutaneous Surgery under the supervision of Dr. Gabor Fichtinger, Canada Research Chair in Computer-Integrated Surgery. My undergraduate research predominantly focused on designing and testing ultrasound-guided interventions for applications in surgical oncology,cardiology, and teaching clinical trainees procedural skills (e.g. line insertions and injections) within a competency-based framework.

A list of publications can be found on my Google Scholar page.

When I'm not learning how to care for patients or attempting to do some science, you can find me at my local climbing gym, taking photos with my DLSR, and enjoying Toronto's unreal food scene.


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